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  • Mayor Ed Koch: One of the nicest and most engaging men Gary ever met.
  • Jobs Report And The Market: Find out why stocks rallied even as the jobs report missed estimates
  • Market Wrap & Sector Analysis:  Gary provides an in-depth view of the current state of the market, covers the important events that happened on Wall Street today.
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kaltbaum premarket

As I have told you, I think I have watched maybe 1 hour of CNBC in the past few years. I shut it off for good because the bald guy blatantly lied about his big bottom call in 08…when market crashed soon after. He then went on to tell investors to stay out of the market for another 5 years…but then said he called the bottom. NBC said nothing. I like some of the hosts and like Santelli but there are just too many hacks.
I decided to turn it on this morning to watch the employment number. Nothing has changed. A bunch of buffoons who just blah blah blah the party line. Everything is always good…they all missed the financial blow-up and been grasping for straws ever since. I will now shut them off.
The fake job’s number is out…blah blah blah…now at 7.9%…January number less than expected but its good news that December was revised up…yeah! So 7.9% is good! But they fail to mention the most important aspect on these numbers…whether good, whether bad or fake…AT WHAT COST? We are running trillion dollar deficits and have a fed printing tha same trillion…and that’s good?
Back to the market…futures up nicely…that’s all that matters. The bull move continues regardless of overbought,stretched and extended conditions. The service owns CF,CRM,EXPE,EBAY,LNKD,LL,MA and a market proxy. The dow futures were up 50 points at 4:01 pm yesterday so the game was on early.
Will have leaders report over the weekend with any new plays I see.