kaltbaum weekend

Here is an updated leader’s list. Notice the word “tight” when mentioning a few. Tight action is what one wants to see when a stock is consolidating. A move off of these ranges make them potentially buyable.
AMGN-Sitting for 5 weeks as 50 day catches up.
AAPL- Sitting for a whole two weeks.
AMZN- Continues to move higher.
ALXN- Held 50 day and setting up again…but has had a big move.
BIIB- Held 50 day and putting in tight base.
CRUS-Very strong and extended…lots of insider selling showing up.
EQIX- Should have played at 180…too extended here.
EXPE- Holding 50 day this past week…worried about TRIP and PCLN action in same group.
EBAY- Continues to drift higher.
HD- Sitting very tight past 2 weeks.
HAIN-May be setting up in powerful short stroke pattern.
KORS- No issues so far but no new entry.
MLNX- Strong name. Looks like RIMM from Dec 03. Sitting on 21 day here…may probe off it…but not sure.
N-Moved a little off tight range Friday but on no volume.
PETM- Another sitting very tight..
ROST- Sitting tight for past 2 weeks.
SHW- No issues…no entry..
SWI- Sitting tight for 4 weeks.
TJX- Tried moving again Wed but tucked back in.
UA-Trying to edge out here.
V-Holds 50 day Friday…very tight action.
WFM-Still fine but have to think about TFM now.
Currently, this service owns amzn,kors,rost,tsco,tjx,wfm with all doing fine so far. All are acting fine but I am going to watch closely WFM because TFM acted poorly on their number…and also knowing TJX and ROST have had multiple moves.
I sold gld and slv this week because of the fed. The service had gains and didn’t want to give gains back. Obviously, whatever Bernanke said juiced them again…as they are now very strong in anticipation of Mr Bubble printing more money. Just go ahead and buy them back…knowing they meet next week. It sickens me they would even consider more money printing knowing markets are near highs and that economy is not in recession…but that is why his name is Mr Bubble. That is all he is good at. In case you wanted to know, RGLD is the strongest name but extended…most others are in mid-level bases evidenced by the chart of GDX.
Not adding any names today but will send out intradays if anything starts to move. I was in camp that market may be getting into some trouble as the commods and commod countries have started to lead down again…but Bernanke may have taken it off the table. If Bernanke now DOESN’T do anything next week, there is going to be some yelling and screaming as he now becomes Ben Kardashian. Whenever Kim Kardashian wants attention, she just tweets a picture of herself in a two piece. Not sure I can picture Bernanke in a two piece but whenever he wants attention, he just yaps a bit about more QE. I was thinking he wouldn’t do anything because it would make him look political but with Romney saying he would fire him, I think it is very political now. You obviously can tell what I think of this man’s manipulation and interference…and you also know what I think of the outcome of all this money printing.